Thank you for the opportunity in allowing us to serve you.

Roofer Hero has over 30 years experience in the roofing industry, specializing in emergency services, roof repairs, inspections and complete roof replacements. We offer maintenance programs on residential, Homeowners Associations, and commercial buildings. As an innovative roofing contractor serving Southern California, our main goal is to give you 100% PEACE OF MIND. To give you this 100% PEACE OF MIND, we have assembled a team of managers, technicians, and installers that have incorporated their extensive knowledge, work ethics, values and beliefs, to create a positive stress-free roofing experience. With a combination of service, professionalism and quality workmanship, we will make you feel you have chosen the right roofing contractor for your roofing needs. Our current clients will tell you, that with this winning combination, we did provide and give them 100% PEACE OF MIND.

The following are some traits that have made Roofer Hero successful:

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Roofer Hero specializes in the application of built-up roof systems ( Title 24 compliant energy-cap, cap-sheet, gravel, modified bitumen), single-ply systems, composition shingles, cement and clay tile, all-phase professional wood replacement and carpentry. We also offer ventilation systems, attic insulation, seamless gutter systems, Solar-tubes and skylights. 

PROFFESIONAL STAFF - Roofer Hero employs professionals skilled in their field, with continuous training and pride in their craft, they strive to grow successfully in their field. We are capable in producing small detailed repairs to large complex projects.

MANAGEMENT - Roofer Hero has production and project mangers trained to provide you with recommendations that will give you a maximum return on your most valued investments. Our Production Managers are highly skilled in installing the highest quality roofing projects with minimal interference to your daily operations. Our procedures set us apart from others in the industry.

APPROVED AND CERTIFIED APPLICATORS - Roofer Hero has installers certified and approved by major roofing manufacturers. Most of our trained, professional installers have been with us for over ten years.

COMMUNICATION - Roofer Hero has a production department that has production and project managers that are in constant communication with each other and our office. With this constant communication, we are trained to be proactive and available to respond to any needs or concerns, 24 hours a day/ 7 day a week.

SCHEDULING - Roofer Hero stays updated to weather forecasts and conditions, to prevent unnecessary damages and inconveniences. Safe and continuous supervision saves valuable time and increases productivity. Multiple projects are not started, and partially finished, each project gets our full attention until it is completed.

SAFETY/QUALITY MANAGEMENT - Roofer Hero has highly trained production and project managers for each project that provide constant monitoring to assure a quality installation and a safe environment. With constant safety training, we insure a safe environment for both our staff and clients.

EQUIPMENT - Roofer Hero provides the appropriate tools and equipment to facilitate the safest and most effective procedure to remove, load and install all necessary materials. Dump trucks, conveyors and cranes are used to protect you and your property.

CLEANLINESS - Roofer Hero applies the belief that a clean work environment is a safe environment. We determine a safe staging area and do a daily clean up of our projects. At the completion of a project, we do a detailed cleanup with magnetic brooms, to insure loose nails are retrieved.

MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY - Roofer Hero installs roofs in accordance to the manufacturer's specifications and handles the completion and submittal of warranty applications and inspection requests to insure acceptance from the appropriate roofing manufacturers.

RELATIONSHIPS - Roofer Hero has strived on the strength of our relationships. We have developed relationships with our clients, staff, material distributers and manufacturers. It is our goal to develop new relationships, one satisfied client at a time.

           Please contact us, to assist you with any further questions or requests. We look forward in serving all your roofing needs.

Phone: 949-482-7372